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Is 1xBet Bangladesh reliable?

Betting is a very old way to not only have fun, but also to make money. After all, who doesn’t know someone who got extra money because they made a certain bet correctly? For those looking for a reliable betting platform, 1xBet Bangladesh is a good alternative.

For people in moderation, betting can be quite a fun activity, especially since despite using some strategy, betting results are an unpredictable thing.

For some time, establishments specializing in betting were perceived as illegal establishments or places where loafers congregate.

Today, not only the view of bettors has changed greatly, but also the way of placing bets: instead of specialized houses – electronic and very safe platforms on which the guessed bets are counted in seconds.

The reason for creating a site that specializes in betting is the need to cater to those who want to place a bet but don’t want to put themselves out there or can’t go to the lottery, for example. Of course, there are some people who prefer to do everything virtually, even betting.

1xBet Bangladesh has increased the number of players it serves because it has also diversified the types of bets allowed. In addition, 1xBet Bangladesh has invested in protecting the personal information of those who bet on its sports lotteries and other games.

While guaranteeing a welcome bonus to a new bettor, this platform has many traditional casino games, and so it has a notice indicating that only internet users of legal age are welcome here.

If you are a fan of betting, especially sports betting, and have been looking for a specialized site to place bets on various lotteries, 1xBet Bangladesh will fully meet your needs.

This article will reveal all the details about 1xBet, and you will surely find it much easier to play.

What is 1xBet Bangladesh?

1xBet Bangladesh is a simple and straightforward site that aims to simplify the process of placing different types of bets.

The features of 1xBet Bangladesh are designed to appeal to casino players as well as regular lottery players. In addition, one of the flagships of this betting site is the sports lottery, which is both profitable and exciting for soccer fans.

When you use 1xBet, you get the feeling that you are on a trading platform because the screen is full of information, especially about the results of major matches. There is even a special section for those who prefer to follow and bet on foreign tournaments.

Although soccer betting is the flagship of 1xBet, fans of any other sports are not left out: after all, you can bet on their results too.

Here are just some of the available sports:

  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • American Football
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Cricket

One of the things that draws attention to this betting site is that even the public that follows virtual sports, such as video games, can play because there is an exclusive category for these games.

As for cybersports, the e-sports category, you can find tournaments on even the most important video game consoles, especially the famous PlayStation.

Fans of more traditional games and betting can combine these two things together by betting on tournaments on Mortal Kombat, one of the games that appeared decades ago and still enjoys great popularity.

Overall, 1xBet is a full-fledged betting site that even offers its users a newsletter. Often users don’t even know which bets to place first, because there are many categories and many important partners.

Is 1xBet Bangladesh reliable?

When it comes to placing bets, people of course want to be sure that they will not be cheated and that if they guess correctly, they will actually win.

This fear also exists among people who have heard of 1xBet, and confirming its reputation is the first step not to make a mistake.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the reputation established by this betting site, which seems so well-structured, is not the best: the famous Reclame Aqui (complain here), regarded as a directory of safe companies in Bangladesh, classifies 1xBet as “bad”.

Of course, there is a reason for this rating, and it lies in the combination of several complaints from players and the lack of help offered by the site.

If people betting with 1xBet Bangladesh had support when problems arise, perhaps the site would at least have an “average” reputation.

It’s worth saying that the fact that 1xBet Bangladesh responds to almost all complaints is not enough to make its rating higher: just over 51% of the problems reported by players are resolved.

When assessing the number of people who continued to bet on the site even after failures, the percentage drops impressively to 38.7%.

This means that the vast majority of bettors stopped using 1xBet after the problem that caused them to register a complaint. In fact, complaints usually concern:

  • Difficulty logging in
  • Inability to withdraw balances

If players want to know more about other users’ impressions of the site, a good solution would be to write in the betting group on Facebook and wait for messages from those who are happy with 1xBet and those who are not.

The unreliability of this betting site is something worth talking about because it could have been one of the best places to bet online, but the bookmaker is working on its mistakes and getting better and better.

How to create an account at 1xBet Bangladesh

Although this site does not have a very negative reputation, of course, the recommendation is for people to try it out for themselves and place their bets there.

After all, there is always the possibility that one might have a good experience with 1xBet, while other players are left unsatisfied. However, in order not to risk too much, it is recommended to never bet large amounts of money!

First of all, joining 1xBet is very easy:

  • Visit the official website
  • At the top, click “Registration”
  • Choose to register by email or phone
  • Enter the appropriate information
  • Click on the “Registration” button
  • If you received a promotional coupon, you can enter it to make your bets cheaper
  • It is important to confirm the email address: the 1xBet platform will send a confirmation, and only after the new player clicks on it, he/she will be able to bet on the site.

After this registration, people who want to bet on any modality must click on it. For example: whoever wants to bet on volleyball must click on this sport modality.

Then the different tournaments for that sport will appear, and when one of them interests you, you should select it. Various tournament matches will appear, each of which can also be selected, and once a bet has been selected, click on the “Add to betting slip” button.

It is worth noting that bettors can bet on more than one match at a time and, of course, on more than one discipline. Thus, the chances of getting a good result on at least one of the bets are much higher.

People who create their account at 1xBet can not only bet, but also register as affiliates. This means that the betting platform ads will be placed on their site and that they will get a cut when someone comes to 1xBet after clicking on the ads on their site.

The affiliate system itself is usually something serious, considering the big companies that work with it. 

Is there an app for 1xBet?

Like most major online platforms, it goes without saying that 1xBet has an app, and it promises bettors much more convenience while playing.

There are two ways to find the 1xBet app, the first is to go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The second way is to open the bookmaker’s website in the browser of your mobile device and go to the “apps” section by clicking on the operating system of your device.

Using the app, the bettor can do everything the same as in the browser version of 1xBet, from registering bets to checking the results and withdrawal of the won funds.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the amount won in the betting does not always need to be withdrawn when the bettor wins. After all, 1xBet keeps this amount in a safe place so that users can withdraw it whenever they want.

Some of the benefits of using this platform’s betting app are:

  • Real-time updates

If you are betting on sports matches, for example, you will always see an updated result so that you can keep track of whether you are lucky or not. Unfortunately, when there is no such update, the bettor thinks they are losing or winning, when in fact, the result they see has already changed on the field.

  • Live Betting

No matter what game you’re betting on, 1xBet has several live matches that bettors can watch, and that’s how many bettors guess even those championships that no one in Bangladesh follows.

  • Register your bets

When you want to see the bets you’ve already made, just go to history. This makes it even easier to prove that you have a certain balance to collect, backing up any claims in this regard.


What casino games can I play using 1xBet?

Casinos usually offer a variety of game options, and these are replicated at 1xBet. Thus, users can play the following games: BlackJack, Jackpot game, roulette, baccarat, Hindi Style, poker, game show, speed, Dragon Tiger, SIC-BO and others. For those who are not sure which bet to place at the casino, a tip: pay attention to the “Popular” section, where you can see the bets that the site’s gamblers are most often looking for.

How can I contact 1xBet?

In case you need to contact the betting platform for any reason, it is recommended to use a phone number. For those who prefer a more convenient way to get in touch, another option is the box in the lower right corner called “Ask a Question”. When you click on it, the name of a consultant appears and will answer any questions. The bettor only needs to type, but it’s important to be succinct, as this is a virtual assistant.

Can I withdraw my winnings from any bank account?

Yes, a player can register any bank account he wants at 1xBet, and there are no restrictions on withdrawals. Even after logging in to the bookmaker’s website you can update your account.

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