Mostbet Login Website in Bangladesh 2022

Mostbet Login Website in Bangladesh 2022

Mostbet is a prominent international bookmaking provider that operates all over the world, which includes the regional versions of their website in placed like India, Bangladesh, Europe, Russia and others. They offer a variety of similar services, including betting on sports, e-sports wagers, as well as gambling in its many forms.

To use any of these features, you obviously need to be registered on their platform. A Mostbet login can be acquired through several methods, including using one’s email, phone number, location or an account on social media. In short, you can do it any way you find preferable.

Social Media Registration

You can register an account quite easily using one of the many social media they offer on this platform. It includes these, in particular:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • VKontakte – Russian social network
  • Odnoklassniki – Russian social network
  • Twitter
  • Steam – a gaming platform
  • Telegram – a messenger

To do this, you need to click on the ‘register’ button at the top right corner of your screen while visiting the website. It’s a big red one, can’t miss it. Once there, pick the right-most section titled ‘via social networks’. There, you’ll find an option to select your preferred currency (27 currencies at the moment).

Beneath it, you can also find a promocode box where you can insert any bonus code you might’ve found prior. It’s actually a good idea to scour the Internet for such bonus codes before creating a Mostbet login. They can be merely useful to extremely beneficial after you’ve registered.

Further below, you can locate the icons for the social networks listed above, from left to right. Clicking on one of them will let you connect your account from either of these networks to Mostbet. Some information, including your login and password, will be scanned for registering. It’s an almost instantaneous way to register here.

Mostbet Personal Profile

After you login in Mostbet, you can access your personal space for add additional information or otherwise tinker with your account settings.

One of the first things you’ll want to do here is to add your personal information. It’s necessary to activate your account, because at this stage you can’t yet participate in anything. The full verification process requires more than just add some private details, but it’s a good first step. Here’s what you require:

  • Name and surname – required
  • Gender – required
  • Country – chosen for you based on location
  • City – required
  • Nickname – optional
  • Date of birth – required
  • Number of birth document – required

These details need to be in accordance with your legal documentation, as well as reality. The reason for that is that you’ll need to provide identification, other papers, as well as something to confirm your address (utility bills or Internet contract). It’s very strict – they will let you login into Mostbet and place bets, but withdrawing money will be off-limits.

The other pages in your personal space include personal history of your previous bets, minor account settings, integration settings, time zones, as well as deposits and withdrawals (money transfers to and from the website). The latter two might be more interesting, as making a first deposit is also required to start betting (obviously).

The other important page is the verification page, where some legal documents need to be attached in order to finalize the creation of your account. Without it, you won’t be able to withdraw your money, although betting will still be allowed. These are the qualifications for an approval by Mostbet:

IDENTITY PROOFPhoto of a passport/ID/driver’s license & a photo with said document
GENUINE CONTACT INFOE-mail or phone number that can be reached
SERVICE QUALIFICATIONSA country supported by Mostbet (US, UK, France, Italy & some other are not)

They’ll take some time going through your documentation and checking if you’re eligible for betting on Mostbet. This process takes an undeterminable amount of time – days, weeks, up to a month & beyond. You can check in with the client support to see if they made any progress. When they’re finished, you’ll be able to start using this website in earnest (in case of total verification).

How to Replenish your Account

You can make a successful deposit right after you login into Mostbet. You’ll also be able to bet with this money, but not withdraw it. Until you verify your account, all your winnings will be frozen and you won’t be able to transfer them anywhere. All the other features are still allowed, though.

To replenish your account (i.e. make a deposit), go to your personal space and locate the funding page – one of the lower buttons in the menu. Click on it, and you’ll be given a choice of payment solutions to fund your account. There are several to choose from, including:

  1. Card transfers through MasterCard, Maestro and Visa
  2. Bank transfers
  3. E-wallet transfers through EcoPayz or WebMoney
  4. Crypto payments in Bitcoin

It can take 1-3 days to process payments through some of these solutions and instant through others. The commissions are negligible or non-existent. There are also different minimal and maximum limits for the different payment solutions. If payments are done as crypto, Bitcoin will be immediately converted into the preferred currency.

How to Withdraw Money from your Account

The money withdrawing functions can be found in the nearby section. The withdrawing methods are the same, and they largely take the same time to process the payments. All transfers are free – you don’t have to pay commission for them. More information on each individual method is available on their specialized page. 

Client Support Requests

You can file a direct request to Mostbet’s client support through their email or telegram. Both links can be found on their ‘contacts’ page at the footer menu down below. There is no telling if one of these methods is faster than the other, but there’s generally no difference.

The support is available in all languages supported by the website (over 30 of them). You’ll be connected to a support agent in your linguistic group, but if want to switch to another agent for some reason, it can be arranged. The support is typically speedy, polite and knowledgeable.

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